Sferafloors ISP Trading is a family-owned flooring company established in Belgium in 2011 by the family Dumon-Schepers and the company Intersfera Projects vof.
Under the label of Sferafloors we bring our own collection parquet floors as well as a full range of acoustic underlayers on the market which are imported by our company. Our market includes installers of parquet and wall to wall carpeting, wholesalers and projects and this in Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, North-, Central and South Europe.

Since a few years, we are also the official importer of Instalay underlayers and the cradle system for Belgium, France, Germany le and Luxembourg. In addition to the function of wholesale/importer for Instalay in these countries, we also keep an extensive stock of Instalay underlayers and Insta cradles for other retailers and wholesalers in Europe.
From the beginning of 2015, we also started with the import of the Floormat and Floor muffler underlayers for Belgium France and Luxembourg. Now we have a wide range of these underlayers on stock enabling fast delivery is possible.

We would like to invite you to our website and products.

Sferafloors Belgium